Washington, D.C. Headquarters

The American Islamic Congress is headquartered in Washington D.C., our nation’s capital and the heart of where policy decisions are made that affect the lives of American Muslims domestically and our foreign relations and foreign affairs with Muslim majority countries abroad.

At its headquarters, AIC employs more than 15 full-time staff dedicated to grassroots activism, influencing policymakers, and presenting meaningful events and programming based on its mission and principles.

Iraq Offices

AIC has two offices in Iraq, in both Baghdad and Basrah.  The Basrah office has been open since 2008 with the opening of AIC’s successful Basrah Anti-Violence Campaign.  In 2010, AIC expanded operations to Basrah with the beginning of the Ambassadors for Peace program, thereby extending its conflict resolution programming to a new city and region.

Our Iraq offices employ more than 60 Iraqis who work mainly in community level conflict resolution and outreach.  Our offices also work to build civil society networks by interacting with NGOs and local civic groups.  As part of our outreach our staff has held many peace-themed community events including soccer tournaments, poetry and art competitions and educational workshops.

Tunisia Office

The American Islamic Congress opened its newest office in Tunis just months after Tunisia’s revolution made headlines around the world and inspiring the ongoing “Arab Spring” movement across the Middle East and North Africa.

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